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Men's Cardigans

William Lockie Waist Coat Red Gordon Geelong

William Lockie men's waist coat red made of Geelong wool.

William Lockie Waist Coat Beige Gordon Geelong

William Lockie beige waist coat for men made of Geelong wool..

William Lockie Waist Coat Navy Gordon Geelong

William Lockie navy waist coat for men made of Geelong wool.

William Lockie Waist Coat Grey Gordon Geelong

William Lockie grey waist coat for men made of Geelong wool.
€199,00 €119,40

Sunspel Jacket Grey Vintage Wool

Sunspel Vintage jacket for men in grey. Model Vintage is mad..

Sunspel Jacket Charcoal Milano Wool

Sunspel Milano jacket for men in charcoal. Model Milano is m..

Men's vests

Modern, classic, or contemporary, we offer an interesting collection of men's vests of high quality. A vest is a practical garment that can be worn throughout the seasons. Our collection consists of vests that are manufactured in Europe. Important aspects of the composition of our collection include the origin of the product, as well as the type of material and finish. All products from our collection are manufactured in Europe.

Woollen vests for men

Refined or rough knitted. The knitting structure of the garment defines a vest as either classic or modern. For example, a vest with buttons and a course knitting structure has a modern contemporary look, with a striking structure that lends well for a casual combination with either jeans or chino. A woollen men's vest with a fine structure combines well with trousers for a more classic look.

Sleeveless vests for men

Sleeveless vests also fall under the classic men's vests. Sleeveless vests can be worn at all time, if matched properly with the seasonal colours of fashion. Wear a vest under the jacket of your suit to add some colour to your outfit, or combine it with a simple shirt and jeans. Our webshop offers sleeveless men's vests of the Scottish brand William Lockie, made from 100% Geelong wool. This particular type of wool makes a buttoned vest feel thin and smooth, making it perfect for wear under a jacket.

Buying men's vests

Men's vests can be bought easily and safely at Quality Shop. You can try the fit of your new vests at home at your own leisure, and return your order within fourteen days if your new purchase is not to your liking. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions, we are more than happy to help you.

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Free shipping above €100 EU | €250 World
Quality products from artisans in Europe
Secure payment
Questions? Chat with us!