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Men's Gloves

Barbour Leather Thinsulate Gloves Olive

Gloves from Barbour in a nice soft nubuck version in the col..

Barbour Braden Burnished Leather Gloves Brown

Gloves by Barbour in a nice soft burnished leather version i..

Dents Leather Gloves Dark Brown Bath

Dents gloves model Bath in brown leather with cashmere linin..

Dents Leather Gloves English Navy Burford

Dents gloves model Burford in navy leather with red cashmere..

Dents Leather Gloves English Tan Burford

Dents gloves model Burford in English Tan leather with red c..

Dents Leather Gloves Black Burford

Dents gloves model Burford in black leather with red cashmer..

Dents Leather Gloves Hunter Green Cambridge

Dents gloves model Cambridge in hunter green deerskin leathe..

Dents Leather Gloves Black Cambridge

Dents gloves model Cambridge in black deerskin leather with ..

Gloves for men

Discover here the different styles in the field of men's gloves. Whether it's for good protection on cold days, or to give your outfit an extra twist, don't worry, here, you will find the pair that suits you.

Since the Stone Age, gloves have already been worn. It was then the hunters who protected their arms and hands this way. Nowadays, it is a fashion accessory that can be shown but also needs to be functional. Good leather gloves for men are never unnecessary. It is the finishing touch of your look. In addition, a good pair also protects your hands during cold days.

Leather gloves are durable

Leather is a natural product. Besides that it has a stylish look, there are other advantages of this beautiful material. Leather has a long lifespan; it hardly wears if properly maintained. In addition, leather is pliant and has a slight stretch, making it flexible and a good leather glove to your hand. Another fine feature of leather is that it breathes, so you will not sweat and they offer good protection against cold.

Dents gloves in The Netherlands

Leather men's gloves are available in various qualities. The leather gloves that you buy from Quality Shop, are of the finest quality. For instance, in our collection, you will find the English brand Dents. The brand has a long history; since 1777 they manufacture many kinds of gloves. For example, they have been allowed to make designs for various greats like King Victoria and King Elizabeth. Nowadays, the brand is also known for the James Bond gloves that the actor Daniel Craig wore in the films Skyfall and Specter.

Maintenance leather gloves

Because leather is a natural product, there is a need for care every now and then. The material dries over time and needs to be fed from time to time for an optimal condition. It is very easy to take care of your leather gloves. By rubbing your warm leather gloves with lotion from Saphir Medaille D'or every now and then, they maintain their quality.

Are your gloves wet? Let them dry at room temperature. Never put wet leather gloves on the radiator or in the sun.

Buy warm men's gloves online

They come in all kinds and price categories. Are you looking for leather gloves that optimally protect? Then you've come to the right place. Quality Shop has chosen European brands that master the craft of gloves perfectly. There is a lot of technology involved in making a piece of leather into a perfect pair of gloves.

Here, you buy warm men's gloves from goatskin but also from deerskin. You have the choice of leather lined gloves lined with cashmere, but you can also buy unlined. If you really want to make a statement, then the leather car gloves might be something for you.

Choose your style online! Lined or unlined, sheep leather or deerskin, black or brown gloves, you have a wide choice. On the product page, you can read how you can calculate your glove size. This way, you can easily order the right pair online that you will enjoy for years.

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Free shipping above €100 EU | €250 World
Quality products from artisans in Europe
Secure payment
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