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Taylor of Bond Street

Taylor of Old Bond Street
A real gentleman knows how to take care of himself and the range of exquisite products from Taylor of Old Bond Street offer a sophisticated way to do just that.

A vast array of products including soaps, shampoos and shaving creams are presented in elegant packaging which would look good in any bathroom.

Effective yet masculine, Taylor of Old Bond Street offer products for the modern gentleman who wants to look and feel at his best, whatever the occasion.

The history
The business is extremely well established, having been set up in the capital more than 150 years ago.

Jeremiah Taylor was the man responsible for creating the company in 1854 and chose the trendy Bond Street as the location. HIs philosophy was to create the finest grooming products for men by using only natural botanical ingredients.

The Bond Street salon originally offered hairdressing services too, as this was the area that Jeremiah had first trained in. However, it was the addition of his son, Ivan, who had studied as a chemist that really marked the turning point. The two men together started to develop a line of haircare and grooming products that were unlike anything else on the market.

The unique collection offered by Jeremiah soon became a real hit within high society, and the business’ reputation rapidly started to rocket.

Taylor of Old Bond Street remained in the family with Sidney Taylor, the next generation, taking over at the helm and opening a new store which was to become the flagship on Jermyn Street, London.

Fast forward to the 1950s, and the current owner, Leonardo, the great-grandson of Jeremiah, started work at the business, joining forces with his father and continuing with the business which is still so popular today.

Modern day
Taylor of Old Bond Street remains one of the best-loved brands for men’s grooming products and whilst it continues to be popular in society circles, it’s much more accessible to the man on the street now too.

But there’s been absolutely no question of compromising beliefs as every item is made with the same pure ingredients that Jeremiah insisted on back in 1854.

The flagship store in Jermyn Street is still open and is now one of the most memorable landmarks in the area, with both locals and tourists visiting for gifts plus products for their own use.

The Taylor range of products have always been about providing absolute quality for a luxurious experience, and their current collection of skin, hair, shaving and grooming items are of the same impeccable standard.

The products
Every aspect of male grooming and personal care is catered for by the Taylor collection, each providing a botanically balanced product which is discreet and subtly elegant.

Their aftershave collection offers masculine notes such as patchouli, cedar and bergamot, creating spicy and woody fragrances which are quite simply divine.

For the man who enjoys a wet shave, there’s the opportunity to get rid of nasty disposable razors and enjoy the kind of shave you might get from a barber with a high quality Taylor blade. There’s also an entire shaving set including plump badger-hair brush and a bowl, set off by the beautifully curving stand.

But it’s not just shaving products, there’s plenty more on offer too from Taylor here at Quality Shop.

We have soap, deodorants, shampoo, shower gel, facial scrubs and hair styling products, to name but a few.

Every item from Taylor of Old Bond Street offers the same exclusive feel, having been carefully designed to meet the needs of the modern man. If you’ve never sampled their products before, come and indulge your senses in a wonderful range created just for men like you.

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