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If you want to wear stylish shoes, it can be difficult to protect them from the weather, leaving them damp, dirty and dull by the time you arrive at your chosen location.

But if you want to protect your feet without compromising your look, Swims could be the answer.

A contemporary Nordic design, Swims provide lightweight protection for dress shoes against the elements, allowing your footwear to look as good as the moment you slipped it on. Swims are modern, chic-looking galoshes which provide protection whilst still looking funky.

Take a look at the range of Swims in Quality Shop today and help your feet stay looking at their best.

The origins
Swims were designed by the founder of the company, Johan R, who grew up in Norway wearing traditional galoshes bequeathed to him by his grandfather.

Later moving to Manhattan, Johan became increasingly aware of the trend to face the weather wearing elegant shoes designed for much less harsh conditions. The result was catastrophic for leather footwear but there appeared to be no stylish solution.

Johan therefore set out to create his very own brand, using his Norwegian heritage, and developing the innovative Swims.

The mission
Johan was determined to create modern galoshes which provided protection for smart shoes whilst still looking stylish and with Swims he achieved his aim.

A practical design which is easy to slip on, and not only protects the shoes from nasty weather, but improves the performance, Swims are the ultimate in modern galoshes.

Look after your favourite shoes whilst still wearing them in even the most severe downpours and arrive at your destination looking as if you’ve just stepped into them. Shiny, smart and without a blemish on them, your shoes will thank you for wearing Swims!

Practical advantages
Although Swims arose in fashion-conscious New York where every individual was more worried about looking good than sacrificing their style for sensible footwear, Swims also offer a range of functional benefits too.

Swims just fit over your leather dress shoes, stretching to fit a range of sizes for a snug feel. However, you won’t be tugging to squeeze into the design as they are designed to be low friction when taking them on and off.

But although the inside will easily slide on and off, the outside is a very different matter, providing not just a waterproof membrane but also a far superior grip on wet and slippery surfaces.

With a tear-resistant design and a shock absorbing heel, you’ll find it more comfortable to wear your Swims when walking a distance in your dress shoes, giving you lots more advantages other than just simple wet weather protection.

European styling
Swims bring the elegance of European styling to the practical matter of wearing smart clothes in wet and inclement weather, providing a chic look even whilst being protected.

There’s a range of accessories too such as the Swims umbrella, which offers the same innovative design, allowing it to be opened with just one hand. Generously proportioned with a comfortable rubber handle that’s easy to grip, the Swims umbrella is another winner in the popular range.

Have you invested in protection for your leather footwear? Take a look at our Swims collection here at Quality Shop and purchase a pair of modern galoshes for your feet today!

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