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Mühle Shaving
To get a close, clean shave having the right equipment is essential and Mühle have a premium range of shaving equipment and accessories which will suit every man.

To prevent sore and irritated skin, it's important not to rush through the shave but to treat it with respect in the same way that a professional barber would.

Mühle's shaving equipment helps men to enjoy a really clean sensation, achieving a closer shave that will last.

Humble beginnings
The Mühle brand began with Otto Johannes Müller in 1945, shortly after returning from the war. Despite having no funds or materials, he had a vision for a business for which he had the passion and drive to bring to life.

Shaving brushes and stand-alone lights were two of the first items produced by what was to become the world-famous Mühle brand. Lights were a vital addition because without them shaving was quite hazardous but the constant power cuts made home lighting less than predictable.

The finished products were transported out of Stützengrün on modest horse-drawn carts, a practice which continued for many years.

Troubled times
The Mühle Company has endured difficult times since the humble beginnings when Otto Johannes Müller first pursued his dream.

Firstly the entire business burnt down in 1949, and then Otto died in 1965, leaving his son Hans-Jürgen to take the reins.

But then the state forced the sale, with the GDR leadership snatching the business at a very low price. This was a pattern that was repeated across the state to many privately owned businesses which made the mistake of being successful.

Hans-Jürgen left the business entirely in 1987 to join up with fellow artisans, founding an enterprise making brushes.

New beginnings
But thankfully, the Mühle business wasn't lost to the world forever and the political changes which were afoot in 1989 made it possible for reprivatisation to occur.

In 1990 Hans-Jürgen re-acquired the business, but found it to be a mere shadow of the thriving Company he and his father had once created. Things were so bad that its survival was in real jeopardy at one point, and tens of staff had to be laid off, with just 4 people kept on.

But gradually, Hans-Jürgen once again rebuilt the business in the way that only he could do and by the middle of the 1990s, he was able to re-recruit many of the staff that had left.

By 2005, the 60th anniversary of the business was celebrated. A brand new collection of premium wet shaving products had been developed and a third of these were being exported globally too many other countries around the world. Mühle was back with a bang.

Quality products
Only a business with the very best products could even begin to survive such a turbulent history yet Mühle is stronger than ever.

For the gentleman who wants a wet shave which is close yet comfortable, there's a range of safety razors as well as plump shaving brushes and bowls. There's a choice of handles from real wood to mock ivory and tortoiseshell while the brushes are made from the very best badger hair. Creating optimum foam and smooth application onto the skin is easy with a Mühle brush, the perfect base for a really close shave which is kind to the skin.

Getting a shave which is clean and doesn't irritate means using premium equipment and Mühle only produces the very best. Every item in their collection is absolutely exquisite and is backed by decades of expertise and know-how to produce something which is really extra special.

Treat your skin today to some fabulous Mühle shaving equipment; it's an investment in quality which will last for years.

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