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A smart pair of shoes is the perfect finishing touch to any outfit, a sign of quality that is instantly recognisable.

Loake are one of the finest shoemakers in the UK, with their handcrafted footwear regarded in high esteem all around the world.

One of the pioneers of shoemaking in the 19th century, the Loake brand has been handed down through the generations of one family, creating more than 50 million pairs of shoes which are now sold in excess of 50 countries globally.

Exquisite detailing and beautiful craftsmanship are the distinguishing features of any pair of Loake shoes.

The evolution of Loake
Loake shoes first began being produced more than five generations ago in 1880, building their very own factory in Kettering in 1894.

The Loake business was originally run by the three brothers, Thomas, John and William who began the business in 1880 and gradually expanded their workforce as demand increased.

Using traditional methods of craftsmanship, each pair of shoes took weeks to make but with a workforce of more than 300 by 1894, Loake was widely regarded as one of the finest shoemakers around.

The Loake brand was so esteemed that it was called upon to produce terrain, Cossack, convalescent and despatch rider boots for the Army, RAF and the Navy.

Following the war, Loake continued to produce footwear which was innovative yet still remained true to their original principles of quality and traditional design.

Their efforts were recognised by the highest authority when in 2007, they received a Royal Warrant of Appointment to HM, Queen Elizabeth II.

The Goodyear welted sole
Although Loake now produce a variety of different shoe designs, it's their famous welted Goodyear sole which remains one of the most sought after styles.

The simple and elegant design belies the weeks of production and the many pairs of hands it takes to create each one. Every pair of Goodyear welted sole shoes take at least 8 weeks to make, with 75 different shoe components involved in the process requiring more than 200 different operations and 130 different highly-skilled craftsmen.

The attention to detail is simply immaculate with every step of the process performed by hand to create a shoe which is long-lasting and of the highest possible quality. You won't find welted soles glued together; every part is painstakingly stitched which means that they can be taken apart again by skilled craftsmen in the future. This is another feature which helps to ensure Loake shoes last a lifetime as they can be simply dismantled and repaired when the need arises.

The origins of the welted sole design dates back more than three centuries and Loake are committed to these longstanding traditions which form the basis of their current Goodyear welted shoe range.

A firm favourite
Loake shoes have very quickly become of the most sought after shoes in the world, with their famous Goodyear welted designs still made in the very same Kettering factory today where the three brothers began 130 years ago.

In addition to the Goodyear welted shoes, Loake now make a number of other types of shoe, produced in other locations. However, there's no compromise on quality and only the very best materials are used to create a premium piece of footwear which is deserving of the Loake name.

Whatever the occasion, there's a Loake shoe to fit, with both casual and formal wear available in suede and leather. But no matter which style of Loake shoe or boot you choose, you can be certain that you will be getting premium footwear which will not only look good and feel great, but will last a lifetime

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